Nuru Massage London

Ultimate Nuru Massage London Guide

Nuru massage London can be a wonderful way to connect with your partner. As you dim down the lights, fire up some candles, and explore the sensitive sensation of touch. You get a moment to relax, unwind, and physically and mentally connect. Feeling his or her fingers slip and slide along your curves. Hang on at your most sensitive spots and tease you with tempting touches in the places you desire most.

Your romance is ignited as you explore each others bodies and find which places truly please you. When a sensual massage turns erotic, the passion and excitement is only heightened. As your partner glides along your intimate areas. Even more, begins to massage areas beyond your exposed skin. Their gentle, sensual movements can have you lost in your own world of erotic fantasy.

Your excitement grown. And pleasure increases until you can barely think straight, and lose yourself at the hands of your partner.

Erotic massage is absolutely divine, and is an act that’s captivated the desires of humanity since the dawn of sexuality. Yet, the ancient Japanese art of Nuru Massage in London in our salon takes this experience even further. An erotic full-body slide that is designed to be partners as close as you can get without penetration.

Nuru, meaning “slippery” in Japanese”. Is a type of adult massage that is done entirely in the nude, with the masseuse’s bare skin gliding along their partner’s skin. Also, with the aid of a special thick and slippery massage oil, called “Nuru Gel”. It’s sensual and erotic, using each and every inch of your skin to stimulate your senses. As a result, spark your sexuality all while bringing you intimately closer to your partner than ever before.

Nuru Massage London

Before you start to explore Nuru massage London session, you’re going to have to prepare your environment. So, get equipped with a Nuru gel so you’ll be sufficiently slippery. Luckily, our great friends over at Wet have come up with a kit to help walk you through the process.

So, you have your Nuru Massage London by nuru gel and you’re ready to get slippery. I’d recommend really setting the mood by turning down the lights, lighting some candles. Finally, playing some soft, sensuous music to get all your senses tingling in advance. Making your bedroom into your own private massage parlour is part of the fun!

Then, prepare your Latex bed.

Nuru massage session is typically done on a slippery surface. Because that will not absorb the gel, and allow for maximum glide. Sometimes, this is done with a vinyl blow-up mattress, but you can use a plastic sheet to cover any surface on which you wish to massage your partner. Wet’s nuru massage services comes with a nuru gel and latex sheet. Hence that can be placed over your bed or any other flat surface, and re-used in the future.

You can place pillows or rolled up towels or blankets along the edges of the bed. Also underneath the plastic, to create a barrier or border. So that the gel won’t spill or drip off onto your floor, and instead pool in the centre. It can be a little tricky to get it just right. I found that tucking the plastic underneath the pillows and towels helped to keep everything from moving too much.

Of course, this isn’t a full-proof method. So I would recommend laying some towels down along the floor around your bed, just in case. Although it can be cleaned up, it would suck to clean the gel out of carpet. Or be slipping around if it hits your hardwood floor. You should also put a towel underneath the area where your partner’s head will be, for a slip-free cushion.

It’s also a good idea to have some towels nearby. So you can clean up and walk around without creating a trail of gel-filled footprints behind you after you’re done. You can easily clean the sheet later by folding it up, pooling the gel in the middle, and pouring it out. You can wipe it off or hose it down to use it again!

So, you’ve set up your area and you’re ready to start your massage.

Before you begin, warm the concentrated gel. Best way, by placing the entire closed bottle in a bowl of warm water for several minutes. I found that the bottle didn’t seem air-tight. Bubbles were coming out if I submerged it, so I just sat the bottle upright.

Nuru Massage London

Have another bowl of warm water ready, so you can mix the concentrated gel later to make it thin enough for use. While you wait for it to warm up, get wet in the shower or bath with your partner. The gel works best on wet skin, so it can say slippery and smooth throughout. In traditional nuru massages, a shower or bath to clean you off, relax your muscles, and get your skin ready is part of the sensual experience.

When you’re ready to use the nuru gel, you can use the concentrated version directly from the bottle, of mix it in a bowl with warm water so it becomes a thinner consistency. This is much better, not only because it makes a little bit of gel go a long way, but because it adds to the thin, oil-like slide. It also is a lot less messy than I anticipated!

How to Make a Real Nuru Massage London

You’re all set up and finally ready to get slippery and slide-y with your partner. Pull up your hair, cause it’s about to get messy. If you’re the masseuse, have your partner lay down on your plastic sheet. Whether they’re face up or face down is totally your choice. Personally, I like the mystery of starting face-down.

Nuru Massage London

That way, your partner can’t see you, but can instead close their eyes and focus on the sensation of your body gliding against theirs, without distraction. Lather a bit of the gel along your all body and drizzle it over your partner. This can all be a part of exciting foreplay. Show your partner where you’re applying the gel to yourself, sensuously rubbing it along your curves, teasing yourself in the process.

Next steps

First of all, you grab a handful of the gel and apply it to your partner. Furthermore, allow it to drip down them and run slowly along their body. The gel will already be warm, slippery, and sensual and your body will activate it even more.

Then, use your hands to explore their body and spread the gel. As you get closer, use your forearms along their muscles, and gently slide your skin against theirs. As you get more comfortable, mount your partner, and get in a position that allows for more body-on-body contact. Lightly grip your partner with your legs, and move your pelvis and buttocks up against them.

Lean over, to massage your breasts over their back and buttocks. Finally, lie down to glide and slide your entire body along your partner. If you feel a bit silly about it, don’t worry. It’s totally natural to feel that way and laugh with your partner. After all, it’s a novelty, and it’s meant to be fun!

When you decide it’s time for them to roll over, take your time before getting to your partner’s intimate areas. Don’t be worried about your body image at all. It’s a hot visual, and your partner will be thoroughly enjoying it! As with all tantric and erotic massages the excitement and intrigue isn’t about the final orgasm. As a result, appreciating the sensations and the journey to get there.

Make your partner wait for it, and tease them with your touch along the way. Then, switch positions and let your partner give it a try on you. Take your time, and have fun exploring these new nuru massage London sensations!